Hello, World!
We are You’ve Got Pictures, your production companion in Korea.

Making you feel at home away from home throughout the course of your production in Korea.
It is our commitment to service excellence.


Based in Seoul, Korea and California, USA, we have worked with diverse production crews from all aroud the world over 10 years.
We understand what you need and want from service production.
We can arrange all resources you need to have a flawless production in Korea.
Come take full advantage of what Korea has to offer.

Budget Management
Budget Management
Budget Management
Crew Assembly
Budget Management
Equipment Arrangement
Budget Management
Location Scouting & Management
Budget Management
Budget Management
Permits & Insurance
Budget Management
Production Assistance
Budget Management
Post Production
Transportation Arrangement
Accommodation Arrangement
Tech Scouting
Catering Arrangement
Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Requirements ldentification and Preparation
Art Props and Art Requirements ldentification and Preparation
Special Effects ldentification and Preparation
Set Construcion
Broadcast Censorship Clearance in Korea

Trying to shoot on location overseas always presents a challenge.
lt is hard to know where to even begin your preparation, and budgeting is a game of prolonged uncertainty.
Partner with us for a smooth and successful production.
We offer both flexible and reasonable budgeting without compromising the production quality.
You can leave all arrangements to us for optimal budget and project managements.
Such are perks of working with a partner with a global presence.



“ Let’s create something awesome together and have fun doing it!”
Chris Lee
  • chris@ygp.co.kr
  • +82 10 6402 0318
  • chris_55743
  • info@ygp.co.kr
  • +82 2 749 8312
  • 739-23, Hannam-dong
    Yongsan-gu, Seoul,
    South Korea
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