You’ve Got Pictures is a vibrant community of people who love to have fun and make videos.

Minhee Sim
Creative Writer
Hansol Kim
Buyong Kim
Dahun Yu
Jiwon Kim
Director of millbrick
Yonghyun Park
A. Director
Hyunjun You
Taekyun Choi
Post Editor
Jungyong Choi
Hyunsung Chung
Sound Supervisor
Yongseok Jang
Sura Jang
Motion Graphic Designer
Kyunghwan Min
Sound Designer
Christopher Moohyun Lee
Chief of CA LLC
Junghyun Keum
Founder / Director
Yeryeong Jo
A. Director
Sangyeol Kwon
Executive Producer
Sumin Choi
Motion Graphic Designer
Yeseul Lee
Youlim Yang
Post Production Manager
Sewoong Lim
A. Director
Sungik Cho
Byoungjoo Jeon

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The YGP community is full of fun, interesting people, and when we all get together, there’s a wonderful synergy that emerges that can be truly inspiring to behold. Our Instagram account is where we share our experiences and provide sneak peeks into our lives. We welcome you to follow us. Don’t hesitate to leave likes and comments.

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